Moving to the cloud provides companies with significant benefits, including agility, efficiency, performance improvements, and cost savings. But the cloud is complex. That’s why Cloudamize created a technology platform that automates in-depth cloud infrastructure data collection and analysis. Cloudamize collects billions of data points, analyzes them, and presents the findings in a straightforward way enabling you to make data-driven decisions about your cloud infrastructure with confidence and ease.

Implementing a powerful analytics platform for cloud infrastructure, gives you immediate access to the data, analysis, and recommendations you need to efficiently scale your cloud infrastructure– so you can successfully realize the full promise and potential of the cloud.

Cloudamize is a key tool in Astadia’s Cloud Readiness Assessment Service. It provides the data our Solution experts need to determine which applications and infrastructure your business can and should be transitioned to the cloud. Collecting data to identify your optimum cloud configurations, cloud provider(s), and identifying the costs of running your workloads, allows you to make informed decisions setting your business’ cloud migration strategy and its Total Cost of Ownership. As a bonus, its direct integration with the both Azure Site Recovery, as well as CloudEndure, allow us to move our customer’s workloads to the cloud quickly and seamlessly.