Cucumber is an open-source Behavior Driven Development (BDD) tool for creating executable specifications to verify an application’s functionality. Cucumber tests are written in an English-like syntax called Gherkin and express the desired behavior and the expected result of the application software. There are a wide variety (e.g. C#, Java, Ruby, PHP) of Cucumber implementations and it is integrated with a number of popular Frameworks (e.g. Selenium, Ruby on Rails).

Astadia uses Cucumber to support the development of test cases and test automation for your projects. It speeds and promotes the Agile development process from the business’s definition of requirements through the development and testing organizations. All groups use the same requirements (specifications) at the same time – “One Source of Truth”.

In addition, when the requirements change, since they are the test specifications, they are automatically able to be tested! The ability to tag tests for specific purposes, simplifies and speeds both new feature and regression testing. In short, we love the simplicity of the language, how it helps to eliminate non-value-add tasks, and we especially appreciate the collaboration it fosters between the business and IT organizations.