Astadia leverages Micro Focus Enterprise Developer, integrated with Visual Studio or Eclipse, to streamline mainframe COBOL and PL/I development and modernization activities. This toolset provides a flexible, low-cost approach to mainframe modernization through rapid integration and remote development capability. When combined with Enterprise Server, a proven and scalable deployment environment for x86 architectures, Astadia has all the ingredients required to permanently redistribute IBM mainframe workloads to virtually any open-systems and/or cloud platform. This solution also provides the infrastructure to integrate migrated mainframe applications with .NET, Java, and other contemporary technologies like mobile devices and augmented reality, as well as supports DevOps and continuous improvement strategies. Astadia is an authorized reseller of Micro Focus Enterprise Developer and Enterprise Server.

Astadia exploits the unrivalled IBM mainframe development and deployment capabilities of Micro Focus Enterprise Developer and Enterprise Server to deliver mainframe workload redistribution projects for both on-premises and cloud deployments. The smart editing, compilation, advanced debugging, and integrated testing capabilities of Enterprise Developer accelerate delivery of our IBM mainframe migration projects, as well as enables our developers to create reusable services from legacy business processes after an application has been migrated. Enterprise Server, the industry-leading execution environment for mainframe COBOL applications running on open-systems and cloud environments, has proven itself to be scalable, reliable, and in almost all cases runs applications faster than the mainframe. It's web-based administration makes it very easy to manage application environments from anywhere in the world. With up to 90% savings in operational costs, this solution allows our clients to redirect precious resources to strategic IT initiatives that grow the business rather than maintaining the status quo.