Astadia works with Micro Focus Visual COBOL®, leveraging their COBOL development and integration tools to provide programmers an unrivaled development experience. Visual COBOL's editor supports IntelliSense and other GUI development features as well as integrated COBOL debugging — making Visual COBOL a leading COBOL development, deployment, and modernization solution for distributed systems and a key tool in Astadia's arsenal. Our experts leverage Visual COBOL to help your DevOps teams work better together, delivering functionality faster to your business users. Astadia is an authorized reseller of Micro Focus Visual COBOL.

Astadia combines the power of Visual COBOL and Astadia OpenMCS to migrate Unisys mainframe workload to distributed or cloud computing environment. Our experts use Visual COBOL to edit, compile, and debug Unisys COBOL applications within Visual Studio or Eclipse, then deploy these applications to our high-performance OpenMCS execution environment on virtually any distributed or cloud platform. Once migrated, Visual COBOL can be used to identify and develop Web Services from legacy business processes, as well as combine COBOL with C# and Java code. This solution has proven to be a reliable modernization strategy for Unisys COBOL applications for more than 20 years.