Using SUMMIT, a Cloud-based Integrated IT Operations Management platform that unifies key processes across Service, Asset, Availability and Project Management, Astadia reduces cost and complexity of your IT Operations while improving your efficiency, productivity, predictability and control.

SUMMIT is Astadia’s platform of choice for IT Service Management. As our CIO has described it, “Summit is what ServiceNow would be if it was written by IT people.”  SUMMIT is an extremely powerful and customizable ITSM platform without the complexity or price of some other more well-known systems.  SUMMIT includes a comprehensive Asset Management and Operations Management capability allowing clients to have a single dashboard, as well as a single system of record, for all things IT.

 SUMMIT uses a simple drag and drop interface for building new workflows and service requests.  Integrating other technologies into the dashboard is a snap.  You receive top notch reporting and can easily generate ad hoc reports.  Build automation into your platform, allowing system and process restarts, or orchestrated provisioning of entire environments, to happen without any human intervention.

SUMMIT's multi-tenant capability enables us to offer our clients a top notch, state of the art ITSM, Asset Management, and IT Operations platform for a very reasonable price.