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Disaster Recovery Strategy 

Are you responsible for making sure your operational systems are always online? Are you worried about what would happen if your main customer transaction system goes down? So, you already have a Disaster Recovery strategy to protect you against a system failure, but are you convinced it will work as expected when the time comes?

These are fair questions to ask yourself. This means you are cautious and want to understand the steps necessary to make sure you have a robust environment. The purpose of this whitepaper is to assist business and IT professionals as they proactively prepare plans to develop an effective DR strategy. 

In this FREE whitepaper, you will explore over nine pages of:

  • Costs and Types of Disasters
  • How to Get Started with An Effective Plan
  • Disaster Recovery Target Types and Locations
  • Key Factors to Consider When Making a Decision
  • Remote Monitoring and Management

disaster recovery

This document is a part of CloudGPS thought leadership forum that leverages Astadia’s 25+ years of experience, our agility and our emphasis on delivering results that matter.