Identity as a Service (IDaaS) is a crucial part of any cloud implementation - public, private or hybrid.  The IDaaS approach you choose can impact your organization's ability to rapidly innovate and continuously improve.

 In this Astadia CloudBurst webinar replay, you'll hear about:

  • How the cloud is changing identity management - what's changing and what's the same
  • Why your cloud adoption strategy must start with identity management
  • How your approach will impact future cloud computing initiatives
  • Using identity to drive successful cloud migrations
  • When you should consider managing cloud identity holistically vs. by individual SaaS application
  • Criteria for making the choice between Public Cloud, Hosted Full-stack, or Private Cloud IDaaS

The right identity and access management (IAM) solution strengthens security by reducing password proliferation, improves the experience for end users and mobile workers by delivering multi-cloud SSO and simplifies onboarding/de-provisioning to reduce the cost of administration.

You may worry about placing your organization's identity information in the public cloud. The benefits could still outweigh the concerns or you could choose a private cloud IDaaS solution that supports cloud and enterprise systems.

Please enjoy this webinar on demand and let us know how we can help you tackle your Cloud Identity and Access Management challenges.

Key slide titles:

  • Choosing the Right Approach to Manage Identity in the Cloud
  • Enabling the Enterprise Cloud Ecosystem
  • Identity and Access Management is a Top Concern
  • Public vs. Private vs. Hybrid Cloud
  • Identity Mechanics in the Cloud
    • New Architecture
    • New Protocols
  • Benefits of Cloud Identity
  • Approaches to Cloud Identity
  • Full Stack Identity as a Service - Pros and Cons
    • IBM, Oracle, CA
  • When Should You Use Full-Stack IDaaS?
  • Public Cloud Identity as a Service - Pros and Cons
    • Azure AD, Okta, PingOne
  • When Should You Use Public Cloud IDaaS?
  • Private Cloud Identity as a Service - Pros and Cons
    • ViewDS Cobalt, Kaseya, Fisher
  • When Should You Use Private Cloud IDaaS?
  • Introducing Cobalt Cloud Identity from ViewDS

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Astadia - Where Enterprise Meets Cloud

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ViewDS Identity Solutions and Cobalt Cloud IDaaS