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Best Practices

Ready Player Every One

“The Oasis wasn’t meant to be a one-player game.” – Ogden Morrow, ‘Ready Player One’

Games are fun. That’s why we play them! I hope this insight hasn’t shaken you to your..

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Managed Services, Best Practices

Proactive IT? It Is Possible

When I started in IT, the most glorified and revered person in IT was the firefighter.  We all knew that one person who in the midst of audible alarms, smoking disk drives and..

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Cloud Development, Cloud Adoption, Best Practices, Cloud 101

What is Preventing You from the Cloud?

Cloud adoption has been extraordinary over the past few years.  Like servers and PCs in the last century, and smartphones and virtualization earlier in this century, cloud..

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Best Practices, Legacy Modernization

Common Issues When Migrating Legacy Data

Many times while working to migrate legacy client data we find that they have become creative in the way data is stored.  This usually happens because database changes can be..

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Cloud Development, Cloud Adoption, Best Practices

DevOps and Al

Consider the following scenario: You are a developer and you are “in the zone”.  Your entire being is working on finalize that piece of code before the last ferry departs...

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Cloud Adoption, Best Practices, Cloud 101

Can I ask a stupid question?

“Can I ask a stupid question?”  Do you know how many times I have heard that in my over 30 years in the business?  Ninety-Nine out of One Hundred times, the question is..

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Cloud Development, Best Practices

What Is DevOps?

Patrick Debois coined the term DevOps in 2009. He took his inspiration from a presentation by John Allspaw titled 10+ Deploys Per Day: Dev and Ops Cooperation.  From its start,..

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Cloud Adoption, Best Practices, Legacy Modernization

AWS is Ready for Unisys Mainframe Workload

Cloud Computing has become the platform of choice for the majority of IT organizations.  The mantra “cloud first” is chanted throughout both the private and public sectors...

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Managed Services, Best Practices

Executives and Security.   It's Not Personal.

When asked why he robbed banks, Willie Sutton famously responded; "Because that is where the money is.''  Discussing security with executives they often take the idea of..

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