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Managed Services, Best Practices

PetrWrapField Alert Update

By partnering with our friends at Alert Logic, Astadia’s customers have not..
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Cloud Adoption, Best Practices, Legacy Modernization

Unisys to AWS: Taking Your Unisys Mainframe to AWS Cloud

(Below is the Introduction to the Unisys to AWS Reference Architecture ..

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Managed Services

Planning Ahead with Disaster Recovery

Below is the Introduction to the Astadia CloudGPS whitepaper, Stop Fearing a..

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Managed Services

Best Practices for Securing Your Data

Cybersecurity experts have observed an increase in the frequency and..

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Cloud Development, Cloud Adoption, Cloud 101

How Do You Define Cloud Computing?

New technology that experiences high growth rates will inevitably attract..

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Cloud Adoption, Cloud 101

7 Critical Success Factors for Cloud Adoption [Whitepaper]

(Below is the Introduction to the Astadia CloudGPS whitepaper, 7 Critical..

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Cloud Development

You Can't Ignore DevOps Any Longer [Webinar Replay]

In today’s IT environment, the goal of DevOps is to deliver working software..

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Cloud Adoption, Legacy Modernization

Quality Management for an Automated Pavement Surface Assessment System [Webinar Replay]

Transforming MAPPER to Java is now easier with significantly less cost and..

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Legacy Modernization

5 Reasons to Make Legacy Modernization a Top Priority in 2017 [Webinar Replay]

Modernizing your legacy applications and moving them to the cloud delivers..

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